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 Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories: A Children’s History of Art (Laurence King Publishing)


‘One of the best children’s non-fiction books I’ve read for years, this fantastic story collection explores the lives of some of the world’s most famous artists. The stories are by turns exciting, intriguing, emotional and mysterious … Meticulously well-researched and utterly delightful.’

Jennifer Bell,   ‘Sunday Best Children’s Book of the Week’

‘Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories is really rather wonderful. From its enchanting classic picture book style illustrations, to its enthralling stories and global tour throughout art and its rich history, it is an unforgettable way to introduce young readers to the lives and works of history’s greatest artists.’
Emma Oliver,  Life As It Is


The St Ives Artists: A Biography of Place and Time (Lund Humphries)


‘Michael Bird’s The St Ives Artists: A Biography of Place and Time opens doors to a hidden past. His wit and readability make light of his meticulous research, and his narrative approach makes this a compelling story.’

Helen Dunmore, Guardian

‘It is some compliment to Michael Bird’s range and depth of research that this book really draws you in and keeps you reading – there is a lot in here I really didn’t know before.’

Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries

‘Most interestingly, Bird examines the emergence of the post-war British art scene … A most enjoyable read.’

Nick Tite, Royal Academy Magazine



Lynn Chadwick (Lund Humphries)Chadwick-cover

‘An excellent new monograph.’

Alastair Sooke, Daily Telegraph

‘In this incisive, admirably even-handed and beautifully illustrated book, Michael Bird puts Chadwick in context.’

Mark Hudson, Saturday Telegraph (read full review here)

‘The laurels must go to Michael Bird’s immensely readable and freshly researched hardback monograph — very much a volume for the shelves of all sculpture lovers.’

Andrew Lambirth, Spectator

Lynn Chadwick, 1956, photograph by Ida Kar (© Ida Kar Estate, National Portrait Gallery)

61Sxf48mW+L._SS400_100 Ideas that Changed Art (Laurence King Publishing)

‘A lively, entertaining examination of the ways that art-making has been re-shaped down the centuries.’

Michael Glover, ‘Books of the Year 2012’, The Independent




51NG7YTP+lL._SL500_AA300_Art in Cornwall (Alison Hodge Publishers)

‘Per­fect intro­duc­tion to paint­ing on the peninsula.’ This is South Devon

‘Com­pact sur­vey of county’s artists is dazzling achievement … this book has it all.’ The Cornish­man

Sandra BlowSandra Blow (Lund Humphries)

‘Bird’s lavishly illustrated retrospective text, the first devoted to Blow, finally gives the artist and her large-scale, vividly hued, obdurately abstract work their due … Highly recommended.’

Choice Magazine


Bryan Wynter (Lund Humphries)

‘With an unerring eye for an enlivening anecdote and a good grasp of Wynter’s life and work, it is a highly readable account of an artist about whom little has been published.’

Toby Treves, The Burlington Magazine